Mitsubishi killed an icon, but wait! there's more.

Though not deserving of the Eclipse namesake, The Eclipse Cross is a great vehicle that provides fierce competition in it's class.


Model Reviewed


Starting at $35,998 MSRP


The Powertrain

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is powered by a 1.5L directly injected turbocharged engine. A small displacement engine gives it competitive fuel economy. The turbo gives the vehicle an extra boost of horsepower and torque to get the job done. The Eclipse Cross reaches its maximum torque of 184Lb-Ft at 2000 RPM and redlines at 6000 RPM. The fuel delivery system utilizes the benefits of multi port Injection and direct injection of fuel economy and reliability. Built with an aluminum head and block the engine does not weigh the vehicle down significantly with a curb weight of 1,590KG/ (3,505Lbs). The engine is paired with a CVT transmission with a simulated 8 speed selectable sport mode. All this technology brings a competitive fuel economy rating of 9.3L/100KM which is a combination of 8.9L/100KM on the highway and 9.6L/100KM in the city. 


The Drive

First off S-AWC (“Super” All Wheel Control) it is basically comprised of 3 main components. Firstly an active front differential partnered with a yaw control system optimized by a selectable drive mode feature. We want to point out that the Eclipse Cross does not offer a 2WD variant, it is only offered in AWD. This is to directly compete with rival import brand Subaru as they offer AWD on literally every vehicle but one. The Cross drove well and it handled speed bumps like a champ. The selectable drive modes are more than just a button to press the difference on gravel was drastically noticeable. The eco mode was what you would expect limiting throttle response was primarily all it did. We didn’t travel very far, but the fuel economy difference was negligible. Overall the handling was fair for a vehicle of its size. The Subaru Crosstrek is probably the best handling in this segment, but the eclipse cross definitely beat it in straight line power. 


The Comfort

The Eclipse Cross GT has a cheaper feel to its interior after all it’s not a luxury vehicle; however it shares some interesting comfort features with some. The Cross has a great ride height for ease getting in and out or loading items in the back. The front seats are a bucket style and hug you quite well without being tight. The seats are heated in the front and back of the GT model we drove. They heated up quickly and provide very even heat. The dual zone automatic climate control was everything you would expect from the system as it is becoming more and more popular it is important to have basic controls feel natural, the cross is no exception. The road noise was less than expected for a vehicle at its price point, which was a pleasant surprise. The heads up display is in a great location and felt natural to look at which is a first for any vehicle in this segment we’ve seen. A great feature was the reclining and sliding rear seats, which had an incredible range of motion in both respects. The reclining rear seats had more locking points than many higher end vehicles with similar mechanisms. The panoramic sunroof is well executed and was not what you would expect for a Mitsubishi. Overall the comfort was great, regardless if you are seated in the front or back it’s a terrific experience. 


The Technology

The Technology in the Cross is outstanding. The 710-watt Rockford Fosgate® premium sound system found in the GT Model we drove sounded incredible. Paired with a simple yet elegantly appointed 7.0" infotainment system. One drawback depending on personal preference, was the lack of integrated navigation. That's right you won't have navigation regardless of trim level, however Apple Carplay and Android Auto are standard and offer navigation with some form of internet connection. The Cross features a touch-pad controller that is fairly easy to use, but takes some getting used to. That touch-pad does not function with Android Auto and it wasn't specified if Apple Carplay had compatibility with it either. Other tech luxuries include rain-sensing windshield wipers, Auto On/Off Headlights, a drivers colour multi-information display, and a heads up display or HUD which is a unique feature for it's class and price point.


The Style

Let’s be honest, The Eclipse Cross is a very stylish vehicle. The Cross coming standard with features like LED daytime running lamps and 18” aluminum alloy wheels is a huge bonus. For those who either don’t want or cannot afford a top trim model but still want a great looking vehicle Mitsubishi has got you covered. In addition automatic halogen headlamps, Front fog lamps, and heated and power folding mirrors with integrated signal lamps are also standard features. In the rear of the vehicle the wiper blade is hidden up under the roof spoiler, in combination with the privacy glass in the rear it has a very sleek, discreet, and aerodynamic look.  However the rear light bar that is used as a third brake light is a win in the styling department and a flaw in its execution because it significantly reduces visibility for the driver to see out the rear of the vehicle. Though this has worked in recent vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic hatchback the Eclipse Cross is a bulkier version directly in the driver’s line of sight.  


Safety and Warranty

You can always feel safe in the Cross with features such as standard 7 airbags, ABS braking system, active stability control, and an electronically controlled coupling. Mitsubishi has even gone as far as putting side impact door bars into the Cross knowing that in the event of a side collision their vehicle will be able to keep occupants safe. The Cross has a lane departure warning system, forward collision mitigation with pedestrian warning, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert. Owners of the Cross have peace of mind with the warranties Mitsubishi offers on the Cross. Basic warranty covers the vehicle for 5 years or 100,000 Kms. Power train warranty covers the Cross for 10 years or 160,000 Kms. Roadside assistance is offered for 5 years and unlimited mileage. With the Cross you can drive confidently knowing that you are protected and backed by one of the longest power train warranties in the industry.  

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