Shine 'em up! These are our Upcoming Events

Our Events

Free Admission

Vancity Import & Domestic was created  with the intention of providing a free hangout for car enthusiasts in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Those ideals have not changed and we will continue to provide this free of charge.

Always Something to Do

Ever go to a boring car show? So have we, lots of em! and we hear your frustration. We do our best to engage our audience and create a dynamic environment where there is always something to see and do.

Huge Giveaways and Prizes

Vancity Import & Domestic almost always has prizes and giveaways at our events. For a small entry fee you can get the chance to win hundreds of dollars or more in prizes!

Part of the Community

Vancity Import & Domestic was founded by local car enthusiasts just like you! Come by and meet people who share a passion for everything automotive at our next event.

Always Family Friendly

Our events are family friendly. Vancity Import & Domestic events are drug and alcohol free. We have strict rules regarding speed and always have first aid available. We take pride in our partnership with M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

We Take Care of the Basics

Ever have to leave an event to find something? a washroom? food? or drink? No need to worry, Vancity Import & Domestic has got you covered. We take care of the basic necessities all in one place.