The Benefits

Expand Your Companies Outreach


Our team of web based marketing professionals know how to get the most out of advertising on the net, and our event marketing specialists will help you optimize your presence at our next show. 

Utilize Our Networking Portfolio


We have strong connections throughout the local automotive industry. Whether you are looking for an automotive photographer, a specialist mechanic, or vehicle wrap professional, and so much more. We got you covered.

Community Support


Our brand helps great causes like MADD while also gathering funds for numerous other non-profit organizations. As you know, customers appreciate local brands that support these great causes. We strive to put your business in the spotlight so your consumers see that you care about the causes that matter to them.  

Becoming a Sponsor

We Need You!

Vancity Import & Domestic events have prizes and giveaways. We rely on sponsors to keep these vouchers, merchandise, etc. available to the contestants. These events are not cheap to run and with the quickly growing number of attendees we need to invest in larger and larger space. We can only handle the increased cost with the great sponsors that we currently have. We can't wait for you to join us!


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